The Great Asphalt Nitro for Android

You want to bring the adrenaline of street car races to your phone? If you want it, you should install the Asphalt Nitro for android because this game is really excellent game for those who love to race. This game is the new version that brings many new things in the game. New feature, new content and system will surely make you get so much fun that you have never imagined before. This great game will give you the best entertainment ever.

The Features from the Asphalt Nitro for Android

There are some new improvements which are given in this Asphalt Nitro for android. First, you will have eight kinds of game mode in this game. Each game modes like gate drift or knockdown will surely give you a different challenge that will make you feel more alive. In this new version of Asphalt Nitro, you will again experience the thrill of being chased by cops in the race that you held in the wild street around the town.

Then, you will experience a new speed which is amazing compared to the previous version. The Asphalt Nitro for androidwill provide you with more enjoyment as now you can have some wonderful stunts when you are in the middle of the air. You can do a maneuver that will surely make you feel like a stuntman for real. There, with graphic which is improved, you also get more wonderful looking in the car that you have so you will feel the coolness of each car from your eyes.

As what you have got in many wild races, you will also have some additional great game play in this Asphalt Nitro for android. First, you may be able to find some shortcut that will give you an easy way to lead yourself to the finish line. Then, you will experience a world based road like the road in the Brazil or the road in the china itself. The Asphalt Nitro game is improved in the control too which makes you have easier control over the game.

There will be so many excitements that you will acquire from the Asphalt Nitro for android. There are many new game modes that will let you have more than a race in this game. The Asphalt Nitro apps will also make you have more thrilling race with the better speed which is added in the new version.

Description: Asphalt Nitro for android is the new game with the best features because it is improved in features with more game modes and more graphics.

World Wide Mobile Game from Jelly Button – Pirate Kings


Hey hey … Boys and Girls …

Meet to me again, and now as usuall I wanna say hello first to all of you …

How are you guys ‘n gurls this week? Great … I hope so…

This week end I want to share about one of my fav mobile games nowadays, and currently I’m playing all day. It’s coming from Jelly Button Production and it’s called Pirate Kings or some people say Cash Kings.  There is a new word to roll your eyes at with regards to the ever increasing Balkanization of the video game landscape. Games are no longer content to be just ‘mobile’ or ‘console’, nor even ‘free to play’; much like the indie music scene of the 80s and 90s, if you are not some hyper-niche market, you may as well be a pop star.

Which is to say: what exactly is Mingleplay? Because that is what Jelly Button Games’ title Pirate Kings is calling itself. The free to play title, which was available in certain select regions previously, is now available for people the world over to loot and plunder with abandon on Ios and Android.

From what I gather, Mingleplay is the reason you get so many friends asking you to play this or that brightly colored, free (but ultimately costly) games via Facebook.

The goal of Pirate Kings is simple: become the master of the Seven Seas. To do this, you must build up your island fortress, defend it from other pirates (no honor, amirite?) and pillage other player’s treasure hoards. The unique mechanic is that to do all of this, you must roll a roulette wheel to determine your move. Games are built on chance, but a free to play game built on chance seems very much like a trap.

But the people love it. The game has seen an audience just under a million in the previously released regions, including Southeast Asia, Scandinavia and Israel (Jelly Button is located in Tel Aviv). In fact, the majority of those numbers have all come within the last month or so.

Today, Jelly Button has introduced a new mechanic called “My Islands”. This new capability “activates islands that players have conquered, enabling their pirates to mine for “unstealable” gold to further boost a player’s cash flow.” The change is meant to give players more control over their own destiny and not have their lives dictated by the whims of an uncaring roulette wheel.

You can download Pirate Kings at the App Store and Google Play market today. Watch the trailer below. It does use the word ‘pimp’ in it, so it’s got that going for it.

Damn … I have to say it’s very cool game guys ..

I cannot remember when I havenot sleep for a while as like this. Almost 2 days I’m still playing this game. And once again I have to beat my opponents faster and level up more more faster. When I really struggle searching how to level up more faster, I got this info from my cousin, I got info about how to hack pirate kings, generate coins and spins easily as much as I wish. Damn … so it was I’m looking at and need it right now. Thanks Matt (my cousin)… for your info.

Don’t tell you have not play 8 ball pool game!

Hey Boys & Girls … BoyRunning Production here and just wanna ask you this …

Have you playing 8 ball pool multiplayer at this moment?

Come on tell me, what you was you’re doing on this great times, it’s holiday. Upss … it’s summer time, and time to relax at home, watching tv, playing online games, chat with many social media.

If you really 8ball pool players, or may be fans of this game, find out this video :

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See you … 😀

Hungry Shark Evolution Game Review


Hungry Shark is a game that already have quite a lot sequel ranging from Hungry Shark 1 to Hungry Shark 3That really makes me happy to play in their latest game Hungry Shark Evolution is because this time the developers add very good graphics quality  and also some cool cinematic scenes.


Gameplay that today is actually not very different from its predecessor in which you will play a shark were always hungry and have to eat whatever he could eat to survive. Feeding Frenzy bit similar to the famous was used in PC. You can control the shark with tilt or Dpad to swim here and there. When it finds prey then you simply point the sharks to the nearby and automatically sharks will eat them.

You can tap anywhere on the screen to make shark sped faster, but this can only be used on a limited basis. After the boost runs out then you have to wait until it can be reused. The Boost function to catch some prey very quickly like barracuda and also can be used to jump high out of the water to catch a pelican in flight.

You will have an HP bar that is located on the top right of the screen. HP bar will continuously drop over time and the only way to add HP is by eating fish or other animals, so the game will be over if your phone runs out due to not eating.

Different types of fish are also different levels of HP given, the greater the prey then HP will you get bigger too. What is unique in this game is that you can also find people who are swimming or diving, and yes you can eat :). But some people especially divers will attack you so you should be careful. In addition there are various object such as human waste, bombs or jellyfish that can reduce your phone.
Every time you play you will always play the same place, but the thrill of a habitat you have quite extensive and you can roam with quite comfortably without getting bored too quickly. Along browsing you can also find snail lying in places of particular, if you take this snail will provide an additional mission as human prey 3 or swim as far as 500m.
The part that is not less thrill of this game is upgraded. You can ugprade skills (faster-consuming or faster moving) and the types of sharks as well as full dressed with a hat or a new fins are very eye catching. Initial shark is a shark that you control the most simple and small, has a shark dive limits are quite low and if you try to delve deeper and you will get hurt. So if you want more then you have to upgrade and become a new type of shark that much more powerful.